Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 07:47 PM
I used to be mystified  by Jesus' words about the judgment when He says:  "Depart from Me...I never knew you."  Just exactly how is it that the Judge of the Universe might not know something?  
I think the answer to that question could go in several directions at the same time, but the one I think is most likely also requires my mind to bend quite a bit. It is not possible for God to not know anything about me, the old me. What He wants to know is the New Me, Christ in Me. It is when I humble myself before Him that the New Me is revealed. If there is no New Me, then God cannot know me because I don't exist as a Immortal Child of God. When Jesus says "I never knew you..." it is true, because even God cannot know that which doesn't exist. But when I humble myself before Him the New Me is revealed to the universe, then Jesus looks at Me and sees Himself. Then He says, "Come and enter into My rest, for I see Myself in Your actions. I know You. You belong to Me. "

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