Monday, October 12, 2009, 04:41 AM
My Senior Pastor had to be absent due to an emergency, and asked me to speak in the evening service. I asked him what subject he wanted me to speak on, and he said to continue the focus on prayer. So I taught from Genesis 20. This is a strange story. A righteous pagan was protected from sin by God, yet he is going die due to the sin of Abraham. Then God tells the righteous pagan to get the lying prophet Abraham to pray for him, so that he will live. Say what?!?  Do you mean that when a man  of God sins against me, I am to ask him to intercede for me so that I do not suffer as a consequence of his sin? I don't try to explain that one. But it is clear that prayer has some strange rules, and we don't know them. There are two ways to pray without rules. We can be ignorant of the rules, and just pray what is on our hearts, and perhaps not too many of our prayers will be sin. The other way is to know God so well and to know the rules of prayer so well that we cannot conceive of breaking them, and so we pray according to God's will without worrying about the rules anymore. In both cases we are free to pray as we wish, but when our old uncrucified nature prays, we are little different from pagans. But when our new crucified hearts speak to God, we know exactly what is acceptable in prayer, and are in no danger of breaking the rules. We shouldn't pray without rules until we know God so well that the rules don't threaten us anymore.

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