Monday, November 23, 2009, 03:26 PM
It will be a while before I am able to get up more of the ideas I have for interpreting the Psalms, but this one can't wait.

At this moment, I believe it is likely that Psalm 119 contains the words of Jesus as a 13 year old child.

I realize that there are no translations that have been guided by such an assumption, and that may make it harder for you to see what I think I see. For example, where the word "prince" appears, it may not mean an officially recognized royal heir,  but young men among the descendants of David in Nazareth.

I think the context for Psalm 119 is the period of time after Jesus' visit to Jerusalem at the age of 12, when His enthusiasm got a little carried away, and he "went astray" like a lost sheep.  Since the words of this Psalm are the words of someone who was "small and despised," I assume that He had not yet had that significant growth spurt that normally is well underway in boys by age 14 or 15.  I also assume that His friends and siblings had a hard time dealing with His indisputable righteousness, and despised Him for it, even at that age.

It does not matter to me whether or not Psalm 119 is 100% the words of David. I believe it it 100% applicable to Jesus, and it is Jesus that I want to know.

This has been an extraordinary day.


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