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May 25, 2009

I just explained to my young son David Jesus' teaching about His yoke being light.  I think Jesus is speaking exactly about His covenant being the Light Yoke, and the Mosaic covenant being the heavy yoke. If you have the time to read all of the NT texts Ii have posted on the new Yellow Pages section, you will begin to get a pretty good idea about how much of Jesus' teaching was really about the Covenant and Law of Moses. I think I will be spending most of the next three months on this, since my Bible Study group is going to be in the books of Galatians and James all summer. For those who are not aware of the Mosaic Law, you are in for a real surprise. Be praying, you will need God's help to comprehend the big picture on this one, and it is a really big picture, and an awesome view of the revelation of God in Jesus.  It will also become clear that the New Testament teaching concerning the believer's co-crucifixion with Christ is centered on how Jesus has fulfilled the Law of Moses. The actual reference texts will come  in at least 4 stages.

First.        Only those passages in the four Gospels that actually mention Moses or the Law.

Second.    All the rest of the  Gospel passages that relate to Jesus and Moses.

Third.       The main passages on this subject in the New Testament, outside of the Gospels, mostly Romans, Galatians and Hebrews.

Fourth.     All of the other passages in the New Testament that relate to Jesus and Moses.

Gradually, some commentary and discussion will follow my attempts to summarize what we are learning.

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