Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 08:25 PM
Today, I killed a dream.

Basically, I had gotten interested in something that would have required many hours of time and many years of commitment. It was very exciting. I really enjoyed my introduction to the field and my prospects seemed good. But I quickly got so involved in thinking about it that I discovered this morning that it was interfering with my ability to pray. There was no way that I could tolerate that. I talked to God about it, and talked to myself to get all the way through it, then I  compared it to other things in my life that I had been involved with. The right decision was to strengthen my desire for fellowship with God and declare my determination to protect it. I let go of the dream.  It didn't happen all at once. But, the minute I said to God that I might be better off letting this go, I knew that was the right thing to do. It took a while, but God visited me with new energy and encouragment and the rest of the day was considerably more supernatural than usual. I buried the dream. I feel resurrected.

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