I hope what you find here encourages your journney in fellowship with Jesus and your understanding of thes Bible. Because I have no intent to publish this material elsewhere, nor to develope a ministry or organization, there will be no intentional self-promotion on this website. There will be no fundraising. Because I have personally experienced what could be called 'internet jihad' there will be little or no identification of my family, friends or location.

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I am a retired Christian minister, with degrees in Music and Divinity. I served 5 Southern Baptist Churches during the last 45 years, and several small churches part-time before that. My priority now is family and neighbors, and Biblcal research. 

I have recently been to Israel and have watched Israeli news media almost every day since 10/7/23. I only wish I could do more for the people of Israel. I believe it to be every Christian's duty to respect the Jewish people, and to personally demonstrate the love Jesus and Paul had for them.