The main purpose of this site is to encourage those who desire to

“take up their cross daily.”

The best way to make anything simple is to master it.  A piano is impossibly complex to anyone who has not invested a significant amount of effort over a long period of time.  Yet, for those who are masters of the piano, its simplicity can be its greatest challenge.  Becoming a disciple of Jesus is a similar process in many ways. Those who have not committed the time and effort to understand Jesus’ life and death as described in the Bible are unlikely to even be aware that there is little or no real spiritual dimension to their daily lives.  We want to assure you, such a spiritual life exists, not in any extreme form of beliefs or religion or rituals, and certainly not one dependent on emotional experiences or “spiritual pep rallies.”

The concept is very simple. The skills required to carry one’s cross daily are mastered in little steps over years as a person’s knowledge of Jesus grows.

This is a faith project. It is an intellectual exercise. It is a spiritual discipline. It is one way of looking at the Biblical teaching which concerns our becoming like Christ, by letting Him live through us. My guess is that all over the world, and through much of history, millions have found their own way of applying the “death to self” in order to become “alive in Christ.”  If you have not yet understood how prayer and Bible study are relevant to your daily life, you are not alone. Try praying some of the sample prayers under “Prayer” in your own words. Memorize some of the most relevant Bible texts and ask God to be your Teacher. As your walk with Jesus becomes more real and meaningful, please share what you are learning so that others can see how the “indwelling Christ” can give new meaning to their own lives and relationships.