In the last 6 months, I have been writing a lot, and this is where these new papers will appear.  There are many subjects, nearly all directly related to the Bible and the issues we face as believers.  I have been interested in Bible Prophecy since 1968, but have only now began to write down the lessons learned and reflect on the many interesting things that are important to me. My biggest project, after Translating the Book of Hebrews last December (2023) is to translate, harmonize and reverse engineer the Olivet Discourse, Jesus’ main lecture on the Future. That study is approaching 100 pages already.  

The first article to appear here, is about the Asteroid Apophis, and its 2029 close encounter with the Earth. Many are wondering if it could be part of a Bible prophecy. So, look at “Apophis, the 2nd Trumpet?” and tell me what you think.  I love challenging questions and appreciate corrections.

Also, check out the personal translation of the Book of Hebrews under Bible Studies, created in December 2023. 

Thanks. RCW