Roy Hession

Roy Hession

Roy Hession’s book The Way of the Cross, has been used periodically throughout my life to help me refocus on the Bible’s references to Jesus’ death and its spiritual meaning for us. Another of his short books, “We Would See Jesus” is actually online  here: We Would See Jesus. I believe that ten of his books are still available at Also, there is some discussion of his books and sermons at

Here are some quotes from We Would See Jesus:

“To concentrate on service and activity for God, may often actively thwart our attaining of the true goal, God Himself.”

“Nowhere else can we fully see the face of God but in the face of Jesus Christ.”

“We need then, to look no farther than the face of Jesus Christ to see God, and to know Him as He really is.”

“We cannot begin to see the grace of God in the face of Jesus Christ until we have seen the truth about  ourselves and been given a full answer to all its challenges.”

“When we consider the place He actually had to take for us, we get a shock, for it is then that we see, as perhaps we can in no other way, what our true place is, and what our true character is before God.”

When discussing Jesus AS the Truth, he says…

“Let us welcome Jesus today as the Truth. Begin with the first thing that He is showing you. It is probably the thing that is on your mind now, even as you are reading this. The reward of your obedience to light will be more light of further sin. He does not show us ourselves all at once, for we could not bear it. But He does so progressively, as each bit of truth obeyed leads to further revelations of ourselves. The fact that the Cross, which declares the painful truth, is also the remedy for sin, will give us new readiness to respond to its diagnosis. If I know there is a fountain for sin and uncleaness, I can face the light about myself and my sin. And the wonderful thing is that when we love the Lord Jesus as Truth we will find that life is just as precious in that relationship as in any other. It is only our dark deceitful hearts that make us afraid of Him as truth. He wants us to be unafraid of Him in this capacity…”