Bible Studies

Many are growing in faith, but our spiritual lives often seem to ‘ebb and flow, like waves and tides. I am not suggesting that we take steps to be more consistent, but we can be more aware of the  most important aspects of being ‘crucified with Christ’.  Well meaning Christian leaders are often too busy to notice when some of ‘the flock’ is starting to look ‘outside the fold’ for spiritual ‘nutrition’.  We are limited in so many ways, but as individual believers, we need to assume at least some of the responsibility for our own Christian education. Today, the situation has changed from not enough Bible Study resources, to an overwhelming variety of  Biblical materials with a wide range of quality (and costs). There has never been so many competing theologies, systematic or otherwise. 

All of the articles in this website are from my own personal experience. They are written mainly to help me think clearly about the Biblical issues that I have long desired to master. Sometimes they record how I changed my mind about what I should believe, and why.  I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. It is best for every Believer to resist being convinced by anyone on any subject, until they have taken time to follow whatever path of discovery God may have for them.

Please feel free to contact me with specific questions and suggestions. My answers will most likely show up as changes in the articles without notice or credit. Internet Jihad is a reality, so I am not likely to respond directly to many emails. And for my family’s safety, I must minimize information that might put a bullseye on them. Persecution of Christians around the world is lethal, brutal and relentless, and the internet has brought a new way to spread hatred of Christians, even here in America.  

My prayer is that everything on will be helpful to anyone seeking to know the Jesus of the Bible, including those raised in other faiths.