Norman Grubb

Norman Grubb

I have really been enjoying Norman Grubb’s message, “The Meaning of Life pt. 6”  You can find it and 23 others at  Here are some things he apparently said while with friends or in small groups. I don’t think these came from any of his books. I found these here: Norman Grubb

Quotes From Norman Grubb

“The gospel is the restoration of humanity to it’s rightful ownership.”
“Faith has so far failed to possess all its possessions”
“Being human, we can only receive infinite truth in finite doses”
“Let us not forget, faith begins by being a labor although it is consummated in a rest.”
“Because we ourselves have so much of the old grave clothes still clinging to us, we are quick to see those same characteristics in others.”
“God uses evil to bring about good — not causing it, but using it.”
“We have one great enemy of faith — within us, and not in our circumstances —- fear of the visible. ( We see five loaves & two fishes – Jesus saw His Father’s unlimited supply.)”
“Leave Him to mind His own business. The heat is on Him to do the keeping!”
“… self-improvement is both a sin and an impossibility.”




From the introduction to Roy Hession’s “Way of the Cross”…words by Norman Grubb

“…revival begins in a person and can be experienced at once. It is the day-by-day experience of any Christian who lives in the light…It means that we call sins by their real name: sins. We do not pass over pride, hardness, doubt, fear, self-pity and the like as being just human weaknesses…We have to be willing to be broken, and to confess these things at the feet of the One who was broken for us. His blood does not make us clean while we make excuses, but it does cleanse us from sin when we are ready to confess sin as sin. Revival is the daily experience of the soul which the Lord Jesus has filled…”