The Olivet Discourse Studies

A few hours before the Last Supper, Peter, James, John and Andrew spoke to Jesus in private about the future. They already knew that the Jewish leaders who had rejected Jesus would be punished, the temple and the city of Jerusalem wiped out. They also knew that would face persecution from the same Jews in the near future. They knew that Jesus had yet to reveal Himself as the Glorified King of Israel, and that when He did this, the age of the Gentiles would end, and the Messianic Age would begin.

So they asked Him to give them some details, especially some warning signs that these two events were about to happen. Hoping He would add to His previous teaching on the subject. They were not disappointed. But the Gospels have left us with a puzzle. Of the 4 eyewitness, only John wrote a Gospel. John does not mention this event. John intentionally omitted all eschatology from his account of Jesus life and teaching. 

Most say this is because he was writing after 70 AD. I doubt that. It makes more sense that he wrote the Gospel after having written the Book of Revelation, and there was no need for repetition. But the two are very difficult at compare because they are so different.   

When Jesus answered their questions, He did not do it in chronological order. Discovering the order of the content according to its fulfillment is one of my goals in this study. Most of it easily fell into place, but the context for the phrase ‘this generation’ remains unresolved. 

I would appreciate any comments, corrections, etc. These pages are subject to further editing, which will be indicated in the title. 

My perspective is that the two questions indicate that AD70 was the fulfillment of the first pair of questions, and Jesus Return is the fulfillment of the second question, including all the verses that come after the ‘age of the gentiles’ which continues to this day.